Production Team
Director - Barbara Worrall 
Musical Director - Michael J Scott
Choreographer - Jessica Martin
Production & Stage Manager - John Bonney
Lighting - Neil Hampson
Sound - The Brindley
Properties - Hannah Fulcher
Costume Director - Lesley Silcock
Programme & Poster Design - Michael J Scott

Bill Snibson - Andy Jordan
Sally Smith - Kayleigh Ann Strong
Gerald - Aaron Cawley
Lady Jaqueline - Catherine Lewis
Sir John - Neil Silcock
Duchess of Dean - Sharon Leicester
Parchester - Phil Danielson
Charles (the Butler) - Phil Murray
Lord Battersby - Joe Youds
Lady Battersby - Thea Pitchers
Sir Jasper - Keith Hughes
Mrs Brown - Rachel Kirkbride
Pearly King and Bob Barking - Andrew Lawless
Pearly Queen - Lindsay Watkinson
Constable - Terry Broadhurst

Dancers - Jennifer Deakin, Laura Edmonds, Tracey Ellams, Gemma Lawless, Lesley Silcock, Jude Tarrant


Valarie Ball, Terry Broadhurst, Jeanie Brocklehurst, John Brocklehurst, Karen Fellows, Nicola Holland, Hana Mather-Coe, Roz Howarth, Catherine Kay, Ron Murphy, Claire Waby, Jean Williams, Pete Worrall, Roy Youds

Hartford Hall H'orchestra

Conductor/Keys - Michael J Scott
Solo Violin - Bianca Blezard 
Reed 1 (Fl,Cl, Alto Sax) - Beatrice Hubble
Reed 2 (Fl, Cl, Tenor Sax) - Gordon Macey
Reed 3 (Cl, Bari Sax) - Briony Wells
Trumpet - Craig Kilgour
Trombone 1 - Sam McAvoy
Bass Guitar - Stuart Gaskell
Drums/Percussion - Steve Jones

Me and My Girl - April 2013

mamg120.jpgPerformed at the Brindley Arts Centre & Theatre, Runcorn, Cheshire on the 9th - 13th April 2013.

Book and lyrics by L. Arthur Rose & Douglas Furber. Revised by Stephen Fry.
Contributions to revisions by Mike Ockrent.

Music by Noel Gay

By arrangement with Samuel French.

Directed by Barbara Worrall and Musical Direction by Michael J Scott


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Me and My Girl - NODA review (Michael Jones McGaw)

Me and My Girl – one of my favourites and a timeless classic which is always sure to have you singing along from start finish with so many memorable tunes. Zodiacs offering of this production is one that I will remember for all the right reasons.

Under the experienced director Barbara Worrall, this production moved with pace and energy from start to finish with a fantastic line up of principals and a company who really stood out. Michael J Scott offered his talent in the MD department and as always did a sterling job in bringing together a great sounding band along with great vocals from all involved. The dancing and movement fit the period and was executed with plenty of style and energy so well done to choreographer Jessica Martin.

Talented Andy Jordan played a blinder in the lead role. His portrayal of Bill Snibson was outstanding with perfect delivery and bags of energy, comedy and charisma. Andy perfected every single mannerism, which was consistent throughout the production and matched his singing and dance ability in the role.

Opposite Bill was Kayleigh Anne Strong as the faithful Sally who was delight to watch. Her portrayal was so fresh and came with stunning vocals. She acted beautifully in all her scenes but particularly in her scene leading up to  ‘Once You Lose Your Heart’ which was also a particular highlight for me. Andy and Kayleigh had such a strong on stage relationship and a very professional edge to their characters.

Sharon Leicester played a fearless Duchess of Dean. I would have liked to have seen the nicer side to her character develop sooner with her relationship with Bill,  however Sharon was very graceful in her role with lovely vocals in the Song of Hareford-  I always think it is shame that no one watches the Duchess at this point with all the shenanigans and hilarity that’s going on behind.

Neil Silcock was outstanding in the role of Sir John giving a very natural performance. His comic timing and delivery was spot on and his reactions and facial expressions were just great from start to finish. Neil came across as a very experienced and versatile actor.

Lady Jacqueline was expertly played by Catherine Lewis who ticked all the right boxes for me. She captured the desperation behind Jacqui’s motives which is seldom seen through trying to play for too many laughs – which is Bill's job! So congratulations Catherine.

Aaron Cawley played a pompous but great Gerald with some very funny moments.

The set looked fantastic and was well managed by the crew and mixed with some good lighting effects it all added to this really super production by the Zodiac.