Production Team
Director - Valarie Ball
Musical Director - Hannah Peel
Production Manager & Designer - Aaron Cawley
Choreography - Jennifer Ball
Stage Manager - Dave Mullen
Wardrobe - Helen Milliken & Sarah-Jane Hair
Lighting - Lesley Griffiths
Poster Design - Ian Han

Tommy Albright - Mike Howard
Jeff Douglas - Joe Youds
Fiona MacKeith - Andrea Jones
Meg Brockie - Bredgeen Smyth
Charlie Cameron - Aaron Cawley
Jean MacKeith - Vicki Patheyjohns
Harry Ritchie - Tim Jones
Mr Murdoch - Roy Green
Andrew MacKeith - Ron Murphy
Donald Ritchie - Roy Youds
Maggie Abernethy - Lindsay Watkinson
Jane Ashton - Cath Clarke
Sword Dancers - Eve Leather & Lindsay Watkinson

Chris Barker, David Crowther, Valentine Fitzgerald, Ted Owen, Frank Birkenhead,
Alison Ball, Jane Coulson, Jean Williams, Wendy Murrell, Mandy James, Alison Wheeler, Yvonne Williams, Susanna Henley, Mary Hyde, Carmel Leather

Brigadoon - November 2006

brigadoon2006poster.gifPerformed at Frodsham Community Centre - Fluin Lane, Frodsham, Cheshire
on the 6th to 11th November 2006.

Music by Freerick Loewe. Libretto & Lyrics by Alan J Lerner.

By arrangement with Warner/Chappell Music Limited administered by Boosey & Hawkes. 

Directed by Valarie Ball and Musical Direction by Hannah Peel


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Brigadoon - NODA review (David Parkes)

Although Brigadoon does not figure highly on the ‘must do’ list of many societies, it is one of my favourite shows and this was an enjoyable performance all the more creditable as the society was forced with casting issues and change of both producer and musical director during the build up to the production.

Andrea Jones was a delightful Fiona and Bredgeen Smyth brought just the right amount of comedy to the role of Meg Brockie without going over the top.

Mike Howard successfully added the role of Tommy Albright to his repertoire of principal characters with pleasing renditions of solos and duets with Fiona.

In searching for the apt wording to describe Joe Youds fine performance as Jeff Douglas the word “cynicism” came immediately to mind and on checking the dictionary I found that cynicism is, quote, “A morose contempt of the pleasures and arts of life”. How appropriate!

The role of Charlie Cameron – he who goes home with Bonnie Jean – was taken on at four weeks notice by Aaron Cawley and he combined well with Vicki Patheyjohns as Jean MacKeith. The morose character of Harry Ritchie was well played by Tim Jones and Roy Green, making his stage debut, was sincere Mr Murdoch.

The six-piece orchestra led by the MD on keyboard moved the music along at a good pace with the added attraction of Bob Walters playing the bagpipes on stage.

Costumes by Perceptions and members of the cast together with Prosceneium’s sets added to the overall effectiveness of the production.

The Zodiac plan to move future productions to the Brindley Theatre in Runcorn thereby bringing their 37 year association with the Frodsham Community Centre to a close. I wish them every success and good fortune in the venture, which will bring fresh challenges and new horizons.