Production Team
Director - Anna Jackson 
Musical Director - Michael J Scott
Production Managers - Aaron Cawley & Alison Ball
Choreographer - Jennifer Donnachie
Stage Management - Neil Hampson (The Brindley)
Wardrobe - Lesley Ann Silcock & Andrea Jones
Poster Design - Tim Jones
Photography - Ian Han
Promotion & Marketing - Tim Jones, Helen Miliken, Geraint Jones, Mandy James, Roy Green

Reno Sweeney - Alison Wheeler
Hope Harcourt - Lorna Goldsmith
Evangeline Harcourt - Lesley Ann Silcock
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh - Aaron Cawley
Elisha Whitney - Alan Jackson
Billy Crocker - Chris Peate
Moonface Martin - Neil Silcock
Erma - Carmel Middleton
Purity - Vicki Patheyjohns
Virtue - Andrea Jones
Henry T Dobson - Simon Hetherington
Chinese Converts - Daniel James & Simon Sutton
Ship’s Captain - Roy Green 
Ship’s Purser - Jonathan Wilson 

Simon Sutton, Jonathan Wilson, Daniel James, Simon Hetherington, Roy Green, Frank Birkenhead, Ron Murphy.

Chrissy Growney, Diane Sissons, Vicky Jones, Jennifer Deakin, Valarie Ball, Mandy James, Andrea Jones, Bredgeen Smyth and Vicki Patheyjohns

The Orchestra

Conductor - Michael J Scott
Reed 1 - Jessica Lowe
Reed 2 - Shaun Lock Violin - Laura McAvoy
Trumpet - Chris Snead
Trombone - Hannah Peel
Piano - Jonathan Clayton
Bass - Sean Davey
Drums- Alex Braathen

Anything Goes - November 2008

agposter2008_120.gifPerformed at the Brindley Arts Centre & Theatre, Runcorn, Cheshire
on the 28th October - 1st November 2008.

Music and Lyrics by COLE PORTER

By arrangement with Music Scope and Stage Musicals Limited of New York

Directed by Anna Jackson and Musical Direction by Michael J Scott


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Anything Goes - Audience Feedback

"Pure Nostalgia! It was full of life, very well planned, entertaining and brilliant. Fabulous show"

"Very entertaining.  Very talented cast.  Thoroughly enjoyed"

"Brought our grandchildren who said it was “real cool”.  Lovely to see them enjoy some old fashioned stuff." 

"So professional it’s unbelievable.  Great acting, singing & production"

"Very entertaining, good songs and music.  Always enjoy the Zodiac, been watching your shows for a long time. Keep up the good work"

"Very impressed with the quality of the show. It brightened my day."

"An enjoyable evening yet again at The Brindley.  An outstanding cast of Anything Goes also orchestra – what a pleasure to see a happy ensemble.   Many thanks." 

Anything Goes - NODA review

Celebrating its fortieth year the Zodiac’s return to their roots in Runcorn where they first got together in 1968. The town did not then boast a theatre so whilst rehearsals took place in Runcorn, their performances took place at Frodsham Community Centre. Having completed the full circle, rehearsals are now held at Frodsham and performances – this is the society’s third – are at Runcorn’s Brindley Theatre.

The S.S. America set sail for England with the usual melody of passengers – Alison Wheeler, as the night club artiste/ evangelist, Reno Sweeny and her two angels, Vicki Pathyjohns as Purity and Andrea Jones as Virtue Lorna Goldsmith, as Hope Harcourt, accompanied by Lesile Silcock, as her gold digging, widowed mother Evangeline, and Aaron Cawley, in his element as her wealthy upper class twit of a boyfriend, Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. Alan Jackson was the permanently inebriated tycoon Elisha Whitney with Chris Peate as his ‘Mr Fixit’, Billy Crocker, eventually romancing Hope Harcourt away from her intended husband-to-be, Lord Oakleigh. Neil Silcock successfully brought his comic talent to yet another role, that of the gangster, Moonface Martin, with Carmel Middleton as his Moll, Erma.

All the principal and minor principal roles were well directed, back by a lively chorus in brightly choreographed routines supported by a first class band. Costumes by Charades, wigs by Bromiley and Carnival and a fresh stage set which was well received.

Another success for the Zodiac’s in its 40th year. Well done, all round!

By David Parkes